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Paintless Metallic Plastic Molding Technology

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Paintless metallic plastic technology

We use our orientation control technology to address various molding defects such as color tone unevenness which are likely to occur in high brightness paintless metallic resins.


You will get success with ordering to us.
"Production and consultation of metallic colored resin."

We can arrange your original color material as MB.


Usable resin materials: PA (6, 66, etc ...) POM, PMMA, ABS, PC, PC + ABS, PP, PE
MOQ: 25kg
Mixing ratio: 5% to 20% (depends on color, generally 10%)

* We can make the original customer colors are produced and sold..
* CFRTP (carbon fiber reinforced resin) is not allowed
* Flame retardant grade and GFRP (glass fiber reinforced resin) decrease the brightness of metallic and darken the color.


[Paint-less metallic is not a mere cost reduction technology]
Painting and painting-less complement each other.


metalic metalic Color variation of paintless metallic plastics metalic metalic