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Plastic PES lens

Plastic PES Lens

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Our unique plastic PES lens would be an effective alternative to conventional glass lenses as they are far more lighter and flexible in designing. Some of the advantages are:

  • ■About 50% lighter than glass.
  • ■Greater flexibility in designing which typical glass products are not capable of.

Ø 62 mm, thickness 23 mm / Ø 70 mm, thickness 31 mm
  • ■Greater efficiency when assembling headlights. Flexible positioning of holes and grooves allows reduction of the time required for optical alignment. Typical assembly time could be reduced from 17 minutes to 3 minutes.
  • ■A wide range of plastic materials such as PC or heatproof PMMA can be used depending on the temperature of light source.

You will get success with ordering to us.
"Production and consultation of extra thick-walled products."
1. Manufacture of molded products (Lenses, etc.).
  *Including non-transparent products, (colored products, etc.).
2. Manufacture and sales of prototype molds.
  *Depending on the complexity, further development may be required.
3. Verification of molds by test molding with existing molds owned by customer.
4. Verification of resin materials through prototyping with our test molds.
5. Helping for customizing or retrofitting machines with Revolution Injection Molding® technology.
  *This involves modifying customer's existing machines or yet-to-be-purchased. Please inquire for details.